2014 Madrid, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who shall I contact if I need a formal invitation letter to attend the conference?

A: Contact Aim 2014 Technical Secretariat ( technicalsecretariat@icmat.es ).


Q: How can I pay the registration fee and other charges?

A: Please register at http://www.aimsconference.org/registerConference.html first and then proceed to the make-payment section.


Q: Shall I submit my abstract to the organizer of the special session at which I am invited to speak?

A: No. Everyone should submit his/her abstract online. Again, register at http://www.aimsconference.org/registerConference.html first; and then proceed to the submit-abstract section.


Q: Can I participate with a contribute talk and at the same time in a special session? Can I participate in several special sessions?

A: Any participant can present at most two talks: in two different special sessions or, a contributed talk and a talk in a special session.


Q : Do I have to pay the registration fee if I am invited to give a talk in a special session or if I am a special session organizer?

A : Yes. All participants are required to pay the registration fees.

Q: How will the registration fees be used ?

A: The conference registration fees are to be used exclusively for the conference. They help cover the costs related to the programs (printing, advertising, facility, equipments, etc.), proceedings, daily refreshments, lunches, and other expenses.


Q: Whom should I send my request on scheduling the time of my talk if I have a special circumstance?

A: For a special session talk, send your request to the organizer(s) of your session.
For a contributed session talk, send your request directly to Dr. Yaw Chang (changy@uncw.edu). Such requests must be received prior to March 31, 2014. Due to the size and complexity of the conference, there is no guarantee that your request can be honored.


Q: Whom should I contact if I require a formal confirmation of my registration and payment in order to apply for visa?

A : Contact Aim 2014 Technical Secretariat ( technicalsecretariat@icmat.es ). 


Q : Is there any financial support available for travel and local expenses?

A : Yes. However, our NSF travel grant support is restricted to graduate students and recent graduates (5 years or less after their PhD) from US . For details, see http://www.aimsconference.org/conferences/2014/2014_support.html


Q: What should I do if I need a visa to enter Spain ?

A: Those participants needing a visa to enter Spain, will need any of the following documents, as well as a valid passport for the entirely of the projected stay:

•  Invitation from a company or from an authority to participate in meetings, conferences, etc., either commercial, business, etc.

•  Document proving the existence of commercial or business relations, etc.

•  Access cards to trade fairs, congresses, conferences, etc.

•  Invitations, entrance cards or bookings indicating, as far as possible, the name of the hosting organization and the duration of the stay, or any other document indicating the purpose of the visit.

For further information please visit: http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Portal/en/ServiciosAlCiudadano/InformacionParaExtranjeros/Paginas/RequisitosDeEntrada.aspx


Q: How do I get information for hotels and make my hotel reservation?

A: Go to http://www.aimsconference.org/conferences/2014/2014_Accommodation.html


Q: May I have internet access at the conference site?

A: Yes, free WIFI access will be availabe during the conference.


Q: Do I need to have a paper to present in order to attend the conference?

A: No. The conference is open to anyone interested in attending. Registration fees still apply.


Q: How large are the panels used for poster sessions?

A: The panels measure 1 meter by 2 meters, and all content should fit within an area of 0.9 meters by 1.88 meters.




We will update this list of Q & A. Please contact Dr. Xin Lu at lux@uncw.edu if you have questions not listed here.