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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who shall I contact if I need a formal invitation letter to attend the conference?
A: Contact the Organizing Committee Chair
Dr. Jianzhong Su (

Q: How can I pay the registration fee and other charges?

See the instructions at
First, complete a fee information form. Then, proceed to pay the fee by a bank check or a money order or a credit card.

Q: Do I have to pay the registration fee if I am invited to give a talk in a special session or I am a special session organizer?
A: Yes. All participants must pay the registration fee.

Q: How is the registration fee used?
A: The conference registration fees are used exclusively for the conference. They help to cover costs related to the program, proceedings, daily refreshments, local transportation between contracted hotels and the conference site, lunches for four days, among many other items.

Q: Do I have to submit my abstract online?
A: Yes. Each speaker must submit his/her abstract online by the deadline (Feb. 29, 2008) to be able to present a talk at the conference.

Q: Do I need to submit my registration information separately if I submit my abstract online?
Yes. First, you need to register online. Then, you must submit your abstract online. You may logon any time to update your information online, including the arrival and departure information.

Q: Who shall I send my request on scheduling the time of my talk if I have a special circumstance?

For a special session talk, send your request to the organizer(s) of your session.
For a contributed session talk, send your request directly to the Organizing Committee Chair Dr. Jianzhong Su ( Such a special circumstance request must be received prior to March 31, 2008. Due the size and complexity of the conference, there is no guarantee that your request will be honored.


Is there any financial support available for travel and local expenses?


Yes. However, our (pending) NSF travel grant support is restricted to graduate students from the US and recent graduates (5 years or less beyond their PhD) from the US. We will post the support information on the web as soon as we get the final decision from the NSF. For details, see

Q: What shall I do if I have difficulty in registering or submitting my abstract online?

You may try the following: 1. Restart the browser and reload the webpage, 2. Try it later in case the conference web server is temporarily out of service. If none of these help, please email Dr. Xin Lu at

Q: What shall I do if I need a visa to enter the US?

Those participants needing a visa to enter the US, please see for instructions on how to apply for a visa. The rules have recently changed and it may take longer than usual to get a visa application processed. So, plan accordingly.