Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Q:Whom should I contact if I need a formal invitation letter?

    A:Please contact Organizing Committee Chair:

    Dr. Weiqing Xie ( wxie@csupomona.edu)
  • Q:Do I have to pay registration fee if I am invited to give a talk in a special session?

    A:Yes. Please send your payment to:
    MATH Conference
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    California State Polytechnic University
    3801 West Temple Avenue
    Pomona, CA 91768, U.S.A.

    Make your check payable to: Cal Poly Pomona, Foundation

    You may pay the fee by a credit card.Details will be available on the web soon.
  • Q:Should I submit my abstract online?

    A:Yes, each speaker must submit an abstract online by the deadline in order to be able to present a talk at the meeting.
  • Q:Do I need to submit registration information separately if I submit my abstract online?

    A:No. Online submission of abstracts will include all necessary information.You need to submit your registration (online) only if you attend the conference without giving a presentation.
  • Q:To whom should I send my requests on scheduling?

    A:You should send your requests to the organizers of your session. For a contributed talk, you should send your requests directly to Organizing Committee Chair: Dr. Weiqing Xie ( wxie@csupomona.edu).
  • Q: Is there any financial support available for travel and local expenses?

    A: Yes. However, there is NSF( pending) travel grant, only available for fresh ( 5 years or less ) PhDs and graduate students. We will post the information on the web as soon as we receive the final decision from NSF.

A Note to International Participants

For those participants who need a visa to enter the United States, please kindly visit web sites
http://travel.state.gov/specialnotice.html and
for instructions on how to apply for a visa. The rules have changed and it will take longer to get a visa processed so you need to plan accordingly. We shall be more than happy to help in any way that we can but you must make sure that you apply with the appropriate paperwork in a timely manner. Thank you for your attention.

A Suggestion for Choice of Airports

Ontario International Airport is located approximately 30 minutes East of campus,
and the Los Angeles International Airport is located approximately 50 minutesWest
of campus.

We STRONGLY recommend that you arrive at the Ontario International Airport
if possible; it is closer to campus and you will encounter less tra±c. you may want to
take advantage of hotel’s complimentary (free) airport shuttle to and from Ontario
International Airport. Ask for the details when you make your hotel reservation.