2018 Taipei, Taiwan

Guidelines for organizing a special session

What makes the AIMS conference unique and outstanding has been its large number of well-organized special sessions over a broad spectrum of topics and organized by leading researchers in the chosen areas. Each special session works like a separate workshop/symposium in its own right, and the AIMS Conference works like a congress attracting thousands of colleagues and peers. As a consequence, many research groups plan to showcase their research development at the AIMS conference by inviting international colleagues and collaborators to speak in their sessions.

Here are the guidelines for organizing a special session in the AIMS conference.

1. Proposals from potential organizers are welcome. It should contain the names of all the organizers (no more than 3), affiliations and email accounts, title and abstract of the session, and a list of tentative speakers to invite. Once approved, the organizers may promptly invite the speakers.

2. Each session needs a minimum of 12 speakers. If this condition is not met, the session will be merged with other sessions.

3. Each speaker will be given 30 minutes for the presentation and question answering.

4. All speakers and the organizers are required to pay for the registration. The conference is self-supported by registration fees, which will be used exclusively for the conference covering the program, lunches, coffee and refreshment, equipment rental, transportation and student helpers, to name a few. Some limited NSF travel support for graduate students and new PH.Ds from the USA may become available.

5. As a token of appreciation, session organizers are invited, free of charge, to the conference banquet gala.

6. Each participant may speak in no more than two sessions.

7. Each session may not have more than three organizers. Exceptions may be made upon a request.