2020 Atlanta USA


Scheduling timeline:

Special sessions:

  •   ♦  Special session organizers will receive a schedule preference survey at the beginning of March. Please complete the survey before the deadline. An incomplete survey indicates that there is no preference.
  •   ♦  A draft of the initial schedule will be sent to organizers for feedback around March 20. Target date for the final schedule is the end of March.
  •   ♦  Organizers should be able to schedule their speakers at the beginning of April and finalize their schedule no later than April 15.
  •   ♦  The registration and payment deadline for all speakers is March 20. Speakers without a completed registration and full payment will be removed from the final schedule.


Contributed Sessions:

    •   ♦  For any special requests, please e-mail Dr. Yaw Chang (changy@uncw.edu) with the subject “AIMS 2020: schedule request”. We will try to honor your request, but cannot guarantee schedule accommodations.
    •   ♦  Only speakers who complete registration with full payment by March 20 will appear on the final schedule.