6th AIMS International Conference
Plenary Speakers
Alberto Bressan
USA Impulsive control of Lagrangian systems and locomotion in fluids
Odo Diekmann
Netherlands The delay equation approach to structured population models
Alexander Mielke
Germany Multiscale methods for pulse propagationin discrete lattices
Masayasu Mimura
Japan Modelling Challenge of Reaction-Diffusion Equations to Far from Equilibrium Systems
Peter Polacik
USA Principal Floquet bundles, exponential separation and asymptotic behavior of solutions of parabolic equations
Patrizia Pucci
Italy On singular quasilinear elliptic differential inequalities on complete Riemannian manifolds
Björn Sandstede
UK Coherent Structures in Dissipative Systems
Lan Wen
China On a problem of Liao and Ma\~n\'e for nonsingular star flows