2023 Wilmington NC USA

Frequently Asked Questions

To enter the Student Paper Competition: please go to Student Paper Competition

  • Q:  Do I need a visa to enter the US?
    A:  Please use VISA WIZARD at http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en.html to determine if you need a visa to enter the US. If you do need a visa, follow the instructions provided by the WIZARD.

  • Q:  I need an invitation letter to apply for a visa. Whom should I contact?
    A:  Please register online first and login to your account to make a request. If you are present a talk , you need to submit your abstract online before we could issue the invitation letter which includes the information of your approved abstract(s).


  • Q:  I am an invited speaker by a special session organizer. Should I submit my abstract to the organizer?
    A:  No. Everyone should submit their abstract online. Please register at http://www.aimsconference.org/registerConference.html first, then proceed to the submit-abstract section.

  • Q:  To whom should I send my request for scheduling the time of my talk if I have a special circumstance?

    •  For a special session talk, send your request to the organizer(s) of your session.
    •  For a contributed session talk, please email Dr. Yaw Chang at changy@uncw.edu, with subject “Schedule  Request”.    
    •  Such requests must be received prior to March 15, 2023. Due to the size and complexity of the conference, there is no guarantee that your request will be honored.

  • Q:  I am an invited speaker for a special session. Do I need to pay the registration fees? What if I am a special session organizer?
    A:  Yes. All participants are required to pay the registration fees.


  • Q:  Is there any financial support available for travel and local expenses?
    A:  Yes. The conference has received a grant from the US National Science Foundation. Partial support will be available to a limited number of participants from US institutions. To qualify, applicants should be either a recent (5 years or less) Ph.D.’s or current graduate students from US institutions.

Please visit http://aimsconference.org/conferences/2023/2023_support.html for detail and application


  • Q:  What kind of equipment will be provided in each meeting room?
    A:  All lecture room are equipped with a  desk computer connecting to a projector. You are recommended to prepare your presentation in PowerPoint or PDF and carry your file on a flash drive. Please report to your session chair 10 minutes before your session starts so you can upload your file to the provided computer in the meeting room.

  • Q:  What if I need an overhead projector?
    A:  No overhead projector will be available.


  • Q:  Can I participate in a contributed talk and a special session at the same time? Can I participate in several special sessions?
    A:  Yes with restriction. A participant can present at most two talks in different sessions.

  • Q:  Do I need to present a talk in order to attend the conference?
    A:  No. The conference is open to anyone interested in attending. Registration fees still apply.


We will update this FAQ list as often as needed. Please contact Dr. Xin Lu at lux@aimsciences.org if you have any questions not listed above.