2018 Taipei, Taiwan

SS26:  Recent Trends in Navier-Stokes Equations, Euler Equations and Related Problems.

Institut of Mathematics,Academy of Sciences
Czech Rep
Paderborn University
University of Kassel
The active research on this field in many places around the world has led to important new results in diverse directions: e.g. convex integration, measure-valued solutions, weak-strong uniqueness, relative entropy inequality, local smoothness criteria for 3D- solutions, regularity by properties of the vorticity or of one component of the velocity field, singular solutions, self-similar solutions, lower bounds to blowing up solutions, norm inflation, analyticity in general spaces, Lagrangean representation of flows, fluid flow with Chemotaxis, fluid-structure interaction, motion of fluids around rigid or elastic bodies, problem of collisions, nonstandard boundary conditions. The aim of our special session is to bring together researchers working in different directions in order to initiate fruitful discussions.

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