2018 Taipei, Taiwan

SS153:  Mathematical Foundations of Computing

Georgia State University
The George Washington University
Qufu Normal University
Peoples Rep of China
Mathematics is one of the essential ingredients for computer science. For example, discrete mathematics is an indispensable component in theoretical computer science. This theoretical vein of computer science actually encompasses enormous mathematics branches, including computational geometry, computational number theory, quantum computation, algebra, etc. On the other hand, variety of computer science applications are heavily reliant on the mathematics substrate. Matrix algebra, statistic, graph theory, etc. have become inherent parts of many areas in computer science, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, security and privacy aware computing, wireless communication, big data analytics, computer games and so on. It is indisputable that mathematics is a necessity for any computer science research. The purpose of this special session is to solicit talks with rigorous explorations of the cutting-edge techniques in computational mathematics and the integration of mathematics and computer science for various real-world applications.