2018 Taipei, Taiwan

SS114:  Electrodiffusion and ion channel problems: modeling, analysis, and numerics

National Taiwan University
Penn State University
University of Kansas
Electrodiffusion -- diffusion and migration of charged particles -- plays a critical role in understanding of natures and in inventions of modern electronic devices. Ionic flow through ion channels is an important particular process of electrodiffusion that depends on many physical parameters such as channel structures (channel shape and spatial distribution of permanent charges), boundary concentrations, electric potential differences, diffusion coefficients, dielectric properties, ionic sizes, etc. It is no surprising that ionic flow exhibits extremely rich dynamics and its study is of great challenge. The special session will provide an opportunity for researchers with various backgrounds to share ideas, methods, approaches, findings on modeling, analysis, numerics, and their applications to electrodiffusion phenomena in general and ion channel properties in particular. Through this activity, it is hoped to strengthen existing collaborations and generate new collaborations on this exciting research topics.

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