Optimal Control and Control Systems

A special session in

Fourth International Conference on Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations

Wilmington, NC, USA, May 24-27, 2002


List of Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Abstracts of the talks

Andrey Sarychev, On optimality of bang-bang extremal controls for bilinear systems.

Application of Pontryagin Maximum Principle - a necessary optimality condition for optimal control problems with constrained controls - provides information on extremal controls, among which optimal controls have to be searched. In some cases, like the one of chained control systems with two inputs, one can provide complete description of the structure of Pontryagin extremals for time-optimal problems (see A.Sarychev, H.Nijmeijer, J. Dynam. Control Systems, v.2, 1996, pp. 503-527). It is known however that the bang-bang Pontryagin extremals may cease to be optimal. In our talk we are going to present some results on optimality of bang-bang extremals for bilinear control systems with constrained controls and in particular on time optimality for chained systems.

Andrey Sarychev, University of Aveiro, Portugal, ansar@mat.ua.pt